If you want a high-power hard-cranking battery for your hawk, and want to put it in the same place, consider the YT12A‑BS

Battery Family: Maintenance Free
Voltage: 12
Capacity: 8 Ah9.5 Ah
Dimensions: 6" x 3.4375" x 4.1875"
Metric Dimensions: 150 x 87 x 105 mm
Weight: 5.4 lbs. / 2.5 kg6.3 lbs. / 2.8 kg
Acid Volume: 0.40.5
Charging Amps: 0.91
C.C.A.: 120175
expect to pay:$67$100

When comparing batteries for fitment note the location of the positive and negative terminals.

These places have these batteries, based on a quick Google search on November 20, 2003. This is not an endorsement of any sort, I know nothing about them, but their prices seem decent.

Westco Battery

This place is a chain, but might have a good price:
Batteries Plus

They have stupid names, but that's because all the good names were taken before the 1980's.

I expect a Google search of some combination of

       yuasa, yt12a-bs, ytx9-bs, price, battery

would reveal who has the best prices when you're reading this.

in fact, try it now: