1988-91 Honda Hawk GT partsfiche

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no.descriptionpart number2003 pricenotes
1 MARK, RR. (TYPE1) 77227-MN8-300ZA $5.72
1 MARK, RR. (TYPE2) 77227-MN8-300ZB $5.98
1 MARK, RR. (TYPE3) 77227-MN8-300ZC $5.72
2 MARK (TYPE2) 87123-MN8-670ZB $14.42
2 MARK (TYPE3) 87123-MN8-670ZC $14.42
3 MARK, SIDE (TYPE1) 87127-MN8-670ZA $7.43
3 MARK, SIDE (TYPE2) 87127-MN8-670ZB $7.43
3 MARK, SIDE (TYPE3) 87127-MN8-670ZC $7.43

Note on pricing:

The data was scraped from The Internet in 2003.
The useful data has been corrected and updated where possible.
We have made no effort to keep pricing up-to-date.