Bob Nagel's Valkyrie headlight on a Hawk

Here are photos of my install of the Valkyrie headlight lens and reflector into the hawk ring and shell. Using the milktree harness, as well.


Sun Apr 20 12:01:38 2003
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Sun Apr 20 12:01:43 2003
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Sun Apr 20 12:01:47 2003
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Sun Apr 20 12:01:58 2003
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Sun Apr 20 12:02:04 2003
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Sun Apr 20 12:02:10 2003
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Sun Apr 20 12:01:53 2003
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I have no idea what I paid for the reflector. Bought it new, same year the Valkyrie came out. Then it sat under my desk for a couple years, before I got around to making the install. For some reason, I thought the "ears" on the reflector were off 90 degrees, this was not the case.

I did need to cut off some of the material on the ears, and a few humps on the back side of the reflector which is made of a hard plastic. I drilled a new hole in my "bulb" ring for the adjustment screw, which was opposite of stock. Really didn't take me 45 minutes to fit it. It does protrude about 1/8" further forward in bucket, than stock. It has not been noticed by others.