Robb Z's handlebar adaptor

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The long-anticipated bar clamp arrived here a few days ago, and despite the
delays from the machinist, I'm EXCEPTIONALLY happy with it. I designed it to
be stout, massive, beefy, strong. Until I held it in my hands, I had no idea
just HOW stout it was; as an example, that main piece is 1-1/4" thick. I
like it, a lot. Reminds me (physically and visually) of the bar mounts on
the Tuono, if I may be so bold.

The whole idea here was to sidestep the usual practice of finding generic
risers & drilling them into the stock upper triple clamp. There's nothing
wrong with that, it's just a bit fiddly, and drilling into the triple isn't
something that everyone wants to do. Neither is adapting risers made for
some other make/model. Most upper clamps are scarred & weathered, so if
figured it might be nice to cover that up too.

The "overclamp" doesn't replace the upper triple, it covers it. The fork
tubes are gripped with pinch bolts (one single 8mm on either side, on the
prototype shown; production units will have 2x 6mm bolts per side, instead
of the single 8mm). Those pinch bolt areas were aligned with the stock pinch
bolts, just to look less obtrusive. Incidentally, I used 8mm bolts on the
risers/cap as well, just because I wanted the extra strength. The threads in
those holes reach all the way down through the base.

The basic mounting procedure, then, it to remove the stock clipons and slide
this down on top of the stock upper triple, tighten the pinch bolts, and
bolt on the handlebar .. it's that simple. I also added a pair of c'sunk
holes beneath the risers, to accommodate a pair of bolts thru the stock
upper, AS AN OPTION. This is a redundant "feel good" sort of deal; if you
wanna drill, go ahead. If not, you don't have to. I don't believe longer
cables will be required with most handlebars, though it depends on what
you're using & whether you alter the routing.

I'm going to use the Suburban Machinery bars shown in most of the pics on
this bike, and the clamp works well with them. Plenty of clearance with the
top of the fork tubes (though the clutch cable / instrument clearance is a
pain, though that's got nothing to do with the clamps). The other handlebar
shown there is from a Ducati Monster, which gives the bike something of a
Tuono / Speed Triple riding position. I may try each type & see which I like

These are finished by bead blasting; the finish is semi-gloss/semi-matte,
just a nice neutral and uniform appearance. Polishing them up would be a
pretty simple affair.

If there is enough interest, I'll order a batch of these; machinist says
he'll give us a small price break with an order of 7 units (that's how many
he can carve from one length of bar stock). He's figuring 4 weeks to
complete. Final price is $120 apiece including shipping to your door (within
the USA); bolts are not included, I'll have a list of lengths shortly, so
you can pick what you like from where you like (titanium, or black
hardware-store grade, whatever). If you're interested in one of these first
seven, please contact me directly, immediately. Any questions, go ahead &