Steve Lenac's Tokico brake caliper adapter

original - 276 kB

original - 240 kB

original - 253 kB

original - 1284 kB


original - 128 Kb
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I sell just the adapter bracket for $104 delivered to you.

The complete kit with everything to bolt on to your Hawk is $375 delivered.

The kit consists of the adapter bracket, GSXR caliper, EBC HH pads. And either blue (race) or silver (street) rotor, plus mounting hardware.

Just connect your brake line, bleed the caliper, and go have some fun.

Send me mail or call me up! (973) 246-4885.
Sadly, Steve Lenac passed away on October 10th, 2010. The above contact info is for historical purposes only, as it goes nowhere now.