919 headlight install

Ok this is the hardest part, drop about $210 on the bucket and reflecter.

reflector/bulb:  33100-MAZ-003
bucket:          61301-MCC-000
Step 2, remove old headlight.

Step 3, bolt your nice new age headlight on.

Now you're done!

original - 75 kB

original - 69 kB

original - 153 kB

original - 43 kB
The blue in the headlight is from a PIAA xtreme white bulb. I'll post again when I get pictures of the beam pattern.(and when I get my milktree harness)

The one problem I did find is that the bucket is deeper than stock and touches the speedometer cable pushing it up about an 1/8" I thought about taking it off and beating it with a hammer, but them my brain kicked in.

well I modified the idea of slotting the back of the bucket.
I ran to the local auto parts dealer(Schmucks) and bought a heat gun for $20, then molded the bucket around the speedo cable. I'd recomend heating on the inside because, 700 degrees later it was a little bubbly back there, but not noticable unless you happen to look behind there. picture:

original - 49 kB
The bike did have a little givi windscreen on it which I couldn't fit back in one minute and I just wanted to go ride so I set it against the wall where's it been all week. I like not having it, the wind provides a little cusion to lean on, comfy.

This mod is completely straightforward. (specially if you're not running your speedometer)

-tony from washington