I'm writing this because I hope that others will find this usefull and help 

Having said that, if you have some time to waste, here's what I'd like:

o Images:
	Unless there's a good reason, use jpgs. 
	full size images (big enough to show details) should be big enough
	to show the necessary detail.  I've been scanning full-size images
	at 150 dpi.  Assume that the reader doesn't know what s/he is
	doing, and the detail will help.  Try to keep file sizes down,
	bandwidth is still the most expensive thing on the internet.
	thumbnails should be 260 pixels wide if half page, 520 ish if
	full page.  thumbnails should be as small as possible and still
	have them recognisable.
o headings:
	I have been using <H1> for main headings, <H3> for sub 
o font size and type and style.

	Dont' muck with it.  HTML is supposed to be driven by content, 
	not by presentation.  don't include any weirdo fonts.  I've used
	italic and bold to mimic the service manual and its intended
	meaning.  This means, use <B> and <I> as appropriate,
	but nothing that reqires special fonts, let the browser sort
	that part out.

o tables:

	when things are arranged in table format in the manual, use
	a table.  please don't just put a bunch of spaces and hope that
	they line up with whatever font the client has his/her browser
	set up to use.	if the table has a border, put one in.	if the
	table in the original doesn't have a border, but it's confusing,
	add a border.

o colors, backgrounds, etc:

	I'm deliberately not putting colors into the docs, as it doesn't
	matter, background images
	are only going to confuse.
o header fields:

	I'm not putting any header fields in at all, I have a theory that
	it will all be unified later into a single document, so those
	header fields will just get in the way then.  When it is all
	unified, it will be a lot easier to search and cross reference.

I can't think of anything else.