Various Hawk shock lengths

This assumes a shock:swingarm ratio of 1:4. It might be 1:3.8, in which case multiply the ride height by .95. It also assumes the same spring, which isn't really a reasonable assumption because anyone who buys a Fox or Ohlins is likely to get a spring with it that is different than the stock one.

shockshortest lengthlongest lengthstrokeride heightspring ratenotes
Stock303mm   -- 0 --~1,050lb/in (18.8kg/mm)
Hyperpro310mm    +29mmvaries
Fox308mm320mm   +20mm to +68mmvaries
Ohlins315mm330mm   +48mm to +108mmvariesPhilip Strnad
Penske313mm326mm   +40mm to +92mmvariesGene Berrio
Wilbers310mm322mm   +28mm to +52mmvaries
Progressive 420 311mm   +32mmvariesRobb Z.
Early 900rr (-'94)838lb/in (15kg/mm)
later 900rr816lb/in (14.6kg/mm)
Shiver312mm43.5ride-height894lb/in (16kg/mm)spring rates from Öhlins
DD32759mmride-height838lb/in (15kg/mm)spring rates from Öhlins
OEM shock name lengthstrokeride-heightspring rate
aftermarket shock name min lengthmax lengthstrokeride-heightspring rate
something I've forgotten???