Honda NT650 Hawk GT Fender install tip: Don't scratch that fender!

The problem: with the forks in place, it's nearly impossible to install a Hawk front fender without scratching up the paint.

The solution: slide the axle through the left fork leg, and with the leg standing vertically on your workbench, attach the fender with two of the four 6mm bolts. Slide the right fork leg onto the axle, tapping into place until there's just a bit of clearance between the lower & the fender, then use the axle end bolt to draw the fork tube up against the fender; install remaining two 6mm bolts, securing the fender. Now use a simple wooden "brace" (see photos) to hold the fork tubes parallel, and prevent any twisting of the forks relative to one another, which might stress or crack the fender.

The brace itself is pretty self-explanatory; a couple pieces of whatever you have lying around, and a pair of carriage bolts long enough to squeeze it all together. The inside spacer needs to be slightly thinner than the tubes with the towels wrapped around them, lest the wood tighten before clamping the fork tubes securely.

Note the clean rags which are duct-taped around the fork tubes, just above the fork lowers, prior to clamping. These not only protect the tubes, but allow them to be twisted as the forks are slid up into the triple clamps.

Hint provided, photos taken, and text writen by Robb Zimdars