1988-91 Honda Hawk GT partsfiche

This is only the pictures with a searchable index that is made to be useful for humans that call the things you put your feet on "pegs" and not "steps" and wouldn't think that the horn would be on the "frame" page. It will help figure out which page look on when you get to one of the on-line ones, and provides a picture if you want to know what things look like.

Note that although this contains part numbers, they may be out of date and superceded by newer numbers. If you find such a thing and tell me I'll try to update it.

Also note that this won't tell you if you need more than one of something. Clutch disks come to mind. The fiche doesn't tell you. Call your dealer or look at the full partsfiche to find out that information.

I'll consider adding that sort of information in the future.

Here are some places that sell OEM parts on the net: If you'd like to be listed here, send me mail.

air cleaner air filter air box carb boots sub air cleaner

battery starter relay battery cover ground cable starter cable

cam chain and tensioners, cam sprocket

camshaft, valves, valve lifters, valve springs

camshaft holder

carburetor assembly, vent lines, fuel lines fuel hose

carburetor components float bowl gasket jets choke valve

clutch, clutch basket

crankase neutral switch oil pressure switch oil drain plug

crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods, rings

front cylinder and head, oil pipes, carb boot, spark plugs, valve guides

cylinder head cover valve cover gasket

rear cylinder and head, carb boot, spark plugs, valve guides

exhaust muffler header pipes

front brake master cylinder brake lever brake hose front brake light switch front brake switch

frame body main frame rear subframe horn

front brake caliper front brake pads

front fender

front fork tubes fork seals fork bushings fork springs

front wheel front axle front wheel bearings speedometer pickup front brake rotor disk front wheel spacer

fuel tank fuel tank cap fuel line overflow drain fuel pump petcock fuel filter

cylinder, valve stem, cylinder head, exhaust pipe

gasket R, gasket L, etc.

gearshift durm, shifting arm shifting forks

handle pipe clip ons bar end weights internal bar weights top tripple clamp ignition key switch gas cap seat key lock

headlight, headlight bracket

left crankcase cover, stator

mark stickers

oil pump, oil filter, oil pump chain

pedal rear brake pedal rear brake light switch shift pedal

radiator fan coolant resevoir thermostat temperature sensor

rear brake caliper rear brake pads

rear fender licence plate bracket battery case

rear wheel rear brake rotor disk rear sprocket rear wheel bearings eccentric carrier cush drive rear axle

right crankase cover, oil fill plug, clutch slave lever, oil dipstick

rear brake master cylinder rear brake hose rear brake resevoir

seat latch seat lock

seat cowl

rear cushon rear shock rear spring

meter, speedometer, tachometer, warning lights, gauges

stand centerstand side stand spring

starting clutch starter clutch

starting motor starter motor

steering stem lower tripple clamp head bearings

step footpegs rearsets

rear fork swingarm swing arm chain slider chainguard chain

switch, kill switch mirrors, clutch lever clutch switch horn switch choke lever throttle tube grips throttle cables choke cable high beam switch turn signal switch starter switch

taillight brake light license plate light

transmission front sprocket

winker turn signals

water pipe

water pump front sprocket cover

wire harness spark plug wires coils CDI black box turn signal relay fuse box fuel pump relay clutch diode regulator rectifier

tools toolkit chain adjusting tool spark plug tool

air suction valve (CA emissions)

canister (CA emissions) honda bracket for non-california bikes supertrapp